Ciao. I'm Kimberly, AKA
"Light Speed Lavon".
I've worked on a lot of amazing projects, and had a lot of pivots. I'm proud of my work, and want to showcase it. So here we are! Did I mention I average 15 years of experience in each specialty? Pictures or it didn't happen, right?So. Ready to dive in? Grab a drink because reviewing my work is going to take a while.

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1994 - 2018

Gallery exhibition has been a staple of my career for years. It's what most know me best for. This collection highlights my over 20 years of exhibitor experience in a series of photos from the events i've taken part in.


2009 - 2020
Handmade linoleum
block prints on paper

I found my love of printmaking at Kendall College of Art and Design in 2004. I was transitioning out of a tattoo artist apprenticeship at the time and simply wanted to see what else was out there for me. So I attended a portfolio review at KCAD with a friend and the rest is history! I was accepted as a student the same day on a merit based scholarship. The faculty hear my cries of confusion and helped me find my place in the art world. Printmaking! It quickly became my passion in 2004 and is close to my heart to this day. I began a sabbatical in 2018 to attend graduate school but have plans to revamp the shop in the very near future.


Pencil, paper, and ink. Oh my! From magazine covers to one off designs, comic strips, tattoo art, and more! It can all be found here.

Graphic Design

2009 - Present
This is a curated collection of designs created for a myriad of clients since 2009. Logos, Mockups, Stickers, Brochures, Tote bags, and everything in-between can be found here.


1994 - Present
I've been writing since 1994 on the regular. I was gifted a journal at a birthday party and haven't put my pen down since! My work here has led me to blog posts, articles, scripts, essays, and many more. Take a look at some of my favorite commercial write ups.


2012 - 2020
I have created, directed, animated, acted, and appeared in/on video since 2012. Check out the collection here.

Corporate Art

2004 - Present

  • Lansing Art Advocacy Day 2018 I was the artist representative + printmaker/graphic designer for this historical creative day.

  • Dead End Brewery This company brewed beer inspired by American Horror Story. I created the identity, illustrations, and graphic design. Creative direction by me as well.

  • It's About Time This Michigan folk singer wanted a custom collage linocut block for her new album. I drew, carved, and printed this image for the release in 2018.

  • Artprize 9 This piece is titled "Amalgamation". It was the co-building exercise of me, UICA (Urban Institute of Contemporary Art), and Artprize. It's also the only mural I have ever painted!